Own the Environment Without Owning All the Parts

When it comes to creating an amazing environment on a tight budget and/or timeline, Dimension Design knows how to deliver. Our designers create affordable, high-quality solutions that are adaptable for different environments and lower the total cost ownership. Saving event budget for other bells/whistles and reducing storage needs/costs don’t have to stretch the imagination. By putting our rental program to work, you can:

  • Access classic and unique items anytime by clicking here
  • Order the frame, graphic and optional liner—from a single source
  • Ensure a smooth build with an On-Site Services option
  • Relax with a generous 30-day rental period for maximum flexibility
  • Expedite the return with reusable boxes and return labels
  • Receive a single invoice for all rented assets provided
  • Deliver solutions with custom looks — even on a tight budget
  • Reduce operating costs while maintaining a high-quality look

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