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Environmental Branding: Healthcare Edition

Powerful graphics add warmth to healthcare settings

This is the second post in a series of three that explores best practices for branding corporate, healthcare and retail environments. This series was designed to expand upon a blog post that I had previously published with ideas to stretch budgets for environmental branding.

Non-traditional elements of healthcare can change patient perspectives

The pointers below cover a spectrum of tips and recommendations for outstanding design while balancing the distinct needs of a healthcare environment:

  • Spaces should be designed with an emphasis on conveying confidence, e.g., “you’re in good hands,” instead of focusing on traditional marketing and branding elements.
  • In addition to imagery, you can also instill a sense of order and calm with consistency in look and feel, colors and fonts.
  • Wayfinding signage should be highly visible, easily changeable and consistent with brand guidelines.
  • Messaging should include empathy and compassion.
  • Rich graphics can incorporate branding elements — often overlays.
  • Cafeterias should promote wellness and healthy eating.
  • Wall murals add warmth and a sense of openness to long hallways, patient rooms and procedure rooms.
  • Rooms with a bad views can feel more pleasant by adding translucent graphics of outdoor scenery, which block the view yet allow light into the space.
  • All imagery used should reflect current recognized best practices in healthcare.
    • Example: As part of the National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, a client recently had us replace graphics that showed a baby sleeping on its stomach.
  • Extend patient confidentiality to design.
    • Frosted “privacy bands” on glass and switchable privacy glass, which lets one clearly see out from the space but appears frosted when looking in, provide the openness of glass but protect privacy.

What powerful and innovative approaches in healthcare environmental design have you seen or used?

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