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Environmental Branding: Corporate Edition

Corporate Environmental Branding

Several months ago, I published a post with ideas on how to stretch budgets for environmental branding. Since then, I’ve discovered best practices for different types of commercial spaces. Over a series of three upcoming posts, we’ll look at how you can put the uniqueness of corporate, healthcare and retail environments to work for you.

Environmental branding corporate style

Below are some recommendations that cover a spectrum of design ideas that balance the distinct needs of corporate spaces:

  • Highlight the corporate tagline, mission or philosophy with wall graphics
  • Give props to the area by incorporating skyline graphics and
    images that feature local favorite attractions and restaurants
  • Use corporate culture to drive messaging and the overall approach
  • Ensure that messaging focuses on delivering on brand promises —
    as well as conveying purpose and sense of community
  • Incorporate imagery related to any causes supported by the company
  • Use powerful imagery that creates inspiration
    • Bring the outside in with outdoor imagery
    • Imagery should reflect diversity
    • Encourage leadership and responsibility using quotes and images
  • Be sure to carve out spaces to unwind, including break rooms and lounges

Corporate spaces run the gamut — from large to small — for organizations with all sorts of unique corporate identities. What successful corporate design elements have you admired?

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